A fully featured and high performance sqlite based server.

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cubeSQL has been deployed more than 124 million times since 2013.
Current version: 5.9.0 released on June 28th, 2022.

  • “cubeSQL will be our first choice for our software "LehrerOffice" to be used in a database environment. We've been using it's predecessor REAL SQL Server 2008 with a redistributable license for many years. In all those years we never had any corrupted database, proving the server to be as reliable as a software can be.

    cubeSQL is as solid, even faster, includes more backup/restore-options, improved security, is open for customization using plugins - and is now supporting the current 64bit operating systems. Our customers (as well as our support team) appreciate the easy-of-use for both installation and administration.”
    Stefan Roth
    Roth Soft AG, Switzerland
  • “cubeSQL has proven itself to be a solid database platform. With good performance, great features (SSL and DB Encryption), local and server-based database files, cubeSQL is a wonderful value. The most valuable feature is the ease of deployment of cubeSQL and applications built to run against it.

    During a recent product rollout cycle a problem with a competitive database product was going to derail the shipment. Switching the application to cubeSQL was accomplished in a couple of hours and allowed us to meet our shipment and integration schedule. That is why cubeSQL is now a core database technology for Linux Software Labs!”
    Jason Moehlman
    Linux Software Labs, Inc. - USA
  • “I have a fairly large DB (Oracle) that is relatively stable for DataWarehousing, and that is accessed by 10 or so clients. I converted the database to sqlite and I got a single file with:
    800 tables
    33,000 columns
    50,000,000 rows
    25 gigabyte of data
    I tested cubeSQL (installed on my iMac) with some clients and two heavy joins (15 Tables). During the first run the speed was the same as Oracle on a big server (250 sec) but when I rerun the join, the time was 4 sec! On average when I use Oracle on a PC, cubeSQL is 10 times faster than Oracle!”
    Stefan Cyrus

A fully featured and high performance relational database management system built on top of the sqlite database engine.

cubeSQL has been deployed more than 124 million times since 2013.

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  • MacOS 10.7 or higher
  • Windows VISTA/7sp1/8/10 or higher
  • Linux kernel 2.6.2 or higher